Army Corps Releases List of Navigation Projects to Receive Stimulus Funding

The $787 billion stimulus package allocates $4.6 billion to the Corps, of which $2 billion will be for construction projects and $2.075 billion for Operations and Maintenance projects. Within the construction project category, $403.1 million has been allocated to inland waterway system lock and dam modernization projects as follows:

• Lock & Dam 3 (6 miles upriver from Red Wing, MN) major rehab: $70.2 million

• Lock & Dam 11 (Dubuque, IA) major rehab: $4.1 million

• Lock & Dam 25 (Winfield, MO) major rehab: $3 million

• Melvin Price Locks and Dam (Alton, IL) major rehab: $2 million

• Lock & Dam 27 (Granite City, IL) major rehab: $27.7 million

• Lockport Lock & Dam (Lockport, IL) major rehab: $88.9 million

• Emsworth Dam (near Pittsburgh, PA) major rehab: $13 million

• Markland Locks & Dams (Warsaw, KY) major rehab: $10.1 million

• Olmsted Locks & Dam (Olmsted, IL): $4.9 million

• Kentucky & Barkley Locks & Dams (Grand Rivers, KY): $29.4 million

• Chickamauga Lock & Dam (Chattanooga, TN): $57.5 million

• John T. Myers Lock & Dam (Posey County, IN): $8.3 million

• Lower Monongahela River Locks & Dams (near Pittsburgh, PA): $84 million

Source: Army Corps of Engineers


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